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Steam flowmeter
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Steam flowmeter

The steam flowmeter is mainly used for the flow measurement of medium fluid in industrial pipelines, such as gas, liquid, steam and other media. The intelligent vortex flowmeter is characterized by small pressure loss, large range and high accuracy, and is almost unaffected by the parameters of fluid density, pressure, temperature and viscosity when measuring the volume flow in the working condition. There are no moving mechanical parts, so the intelligent vortex flowmeter has high reliability and low maintenance. Instrument parameters can be long-term stability. Intelligent vortex flowmeter with piezoelectric stress sensor, high reliability, can be in - 20 ℃ ~ + 450 ℃ temperature range. There are analog standard signal, digital pulse signal output, easy to use with the computer and other digital systems, is a relatively advanced, ideal flow meter.


Measuring medium: saturated steam

Medium temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 450 ℃

Medium pressure: 1.6mpa 2.5mpa 4.0mpa (pressure above 4.0mpa, need to be customized)

Accuracy: level 1.0 level 1.5

Range ratio: 1:8 ~ 1:30 (refer to air under standard conditions) 1:8 ~ 1:40 (refer to normal temperature water)

Flow range: liquid 0.4~7.0m/s gas 4.0~60.0m/s steam 5.0~70.0m/s

Specification: 25 Φ Φ 40 Φ 50 Φ Φ Φ Φ 100 80 65 125 Φ Φ Φ Φ 250 200 150 300

Allowable vibration acceleration: LUGB type 0.2g

Protection level: IP65

Explosion-proof grade (ia) Ⅱ CT6

Environmental conditions: ambient temperature: - 40 ~ + 55 ℃ (not explosion-proof) - 20 ~ + 55 ℃ (explosion)

Environmental conditions: relative humidity: 85%

Environmental conditions: atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPa

Power supply: non-explosion-proof (pulse +12VDC 20mA) (current +24VDC 20mA)

Output signal: frequency pulse signal 2~3000Hz low level 1V high level 6V; Two wire 4 ~ 20 ma signal output (isolated) load Ω 500 or less


• no moving parts, long-term stability, simple structure for installation and maintenance

• the output of the sensor is pulse frequency, and its frequency is linear with the actual flow of the measured flow body, with no drift of zero point, stable performance and diverse structure, including pipeline type and plug-in flow sensor

• high accuracy, usually liquid measurement accuracy is 1.0%; The measurement accuracy of gas is 1.5%

• the measuring range is wide and can reach 1:20 within the range of Reynolds number 2 104 ~ 7 106

• small pressure loss (about 1/4 ~ 1/2 of orifice flowmeter), belongs to energy-saving flow meter

• the installation method is flexible, and can be installed horizontally, vertically and at different angles according to the site process

• with anti-disturbance circuit and anti-vibration sensor head, it has certain anti-environmental vibration performance

• adopt ultra-low power consumption single chip microcomputer technology, one 3V10AH lithium battery can be used for more than 5 years

• the non-linear coefficient of the instrument is corrected by the software to improve the measurement accuracy

• using EPROM to protect the accumulated flow, the protection time is longer than 10 years






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Customer Cases

Customer Cases

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