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Electromagnetic flowmeter application field selection

Issuing time:2018-01-30 10:05

Electromagnetic flowmeter application field selection

1. Understand the process parameters

(1) know the name of the liquid under test (provided by the user)

(2) understand the maximum flow rate, common flow rate and minimum flow rate of the tested liquid (provided by the user)

(3) understand the process pipe diameter (provided by the user)

(4) understand the medium temperature (provided by the user)

(5) understand media pressure (provided by the user)

(6) understand the conductivity of the measured flow body (provided by the user)

(7) to know whether there is negative pressure (provided by the user)

2. Preliminary selection

(1) according to the name and nature of the medium under test, determine whether to use the electromagnetic flowmeter (determined by the salesman)

Note: the electromagnetic flowmeter can only measure the flow of conductive liquids, and gases, oils, and most organic liquids are not generally conductive liquids

(2) determine the electrode material according to the known properties of the substrate

Note; The company generally provides four kinds of electrodes, such as stainless steel, hastelloy, titanium and tantalum

(2) according to the learned medium temperature to determine whether to use rubber or teflon lining (determined by the marketing staff)

Note: the temperature resistance of rubber shall not exceed 80C;

Teflon can withstand 150C temperature and 180C instantly.

Rubber lining and stainless steel electrodes are commonly used for municipal sewage

(3) according to the known medium pressure, select the specification of the body flange (determined by the marketing staff)

Note: when the diameter of the electromagnetic flange is from dn10-250, the rated pressure of the flange is no more than 1.6mpa;

When the diameter is from dn250-1000, the rated flange pressure is no more than 1.0mpa;

When the actual pressure of medium is higher than the corresponding range of pipe diameter-pressure, it is a special order, but the maximum pressure shall not exceed 6.4mpa

(4) determine the conductivity of the medium

Note :(1) the conductivity of the electromagnetic flowmeter shall not be lower than 5uS/cm

(2) the conductivity of tap water is about dozens to hundreds of uS/cm, general boiler soft water (deionized water) conduction, pure water (highly distilled water) is not conductive

(3) the conductivity of gas, oil and most organic liquids is much lower than 5uS/cm, so it is not conductive.

3. Understand user requirements

(1) to understand whether it is a combined in-place display or a separate remote transmission display (provided by the user)

Note: please understand the maximum distance when it is displayed for the split remote transmission, and the maximum separation distance is 100m

(2) to know whether additional functions are required (provided by the user)

Note: 1, the electromagnetic flow meter itself with the upper and lower limit flow alarm, frequency and current output function, no special orders

2. There are two types of sealing protection classes of electromagnetic flowmeter shell: IP65 and IP68. When diving IP68 is selected, it is a special order

3. When the electromagnetic flow meter is connected to the computer, rs-485 communication port should be added, which is a special order

4. Type selection: after the above steps, the model and specification of the electromagnetic flowmeter can be finally determined.

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